dental hygiene Dr. Lance Savoie family dental dentist in abbeville louisianaMaintaining good dental hygiene is easy. It requires a little bit of work every day and a little bit of knowledge. At Dr. Lance Savoie Family Dental in Abbeville LA,  we specialize in dental hygiene. We’re experts at oral health and professional smile-makers.

There are many ways to promote good dental hygiene. There are habits you can keep, foods and beverages you can avoid, treatments you can undergo, and devices you can use. 


Some Good Dental Hygiene Tips

Brushing and flossing are the “bread-and-butter” of good dental hygiene. We recommend extra measures, but you should at least brush and floss daily. 


Brush, Brush, Brush

Brushing helps remove plaque, which can harden into calculus. Brush at least twice per day with a fluoride-based toothpaste. Brush for at least three minutes every time. Use a circular brushing motion and cover tooth fronts, tops, and backs. Rinse with a fluoride-based mouthwash to finalize the clean and maximize coverage. Swap out your toothbrush no later than every three to four months. 

Here’s a little-known secret: you should also brush your tongue. Plaque can build up there, causing bad breath and oral health problems. 


Great Dental Hygiene Means Flossing

Floss every time you brush if possible. When you floss, don’t just move the thread between your teeth. Wrap the floss against the tooth on one side and scrape away from the gum. Then do the same thing for the adjacent tooth on the other side.


Great Dental Hygiene Means Keeping Your Appointments

Keep current on routine dental appointments such as checkups and cleanings, generally at least twice per year. We’ll perform an evaluation and address any issues which could affect your dental hygiene. We’ll look for conditions that may be long-term or difficult to detect. We’ll provide helpful tips. We’ll provide recommendations on brushes, toothpaste, and various dental implements. 

If something with your gums doesn’t look or feel right, the chances are good that there’s a problem. If you have a toothache, bleeding gums, or anything else that concerns you, don’t wait to schedule an appointment. Good dental hygiene means addressing problems quickly. The longer you wait, the more difficult it can be to treat problems. The longer you wait, the more decay can spread into further damage. 


Great Dental Hygiene Means Taking Extra Measures

Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime. They will, especially when you practice good dental hygiene. Beyond the basics, here are some extra techniques to help keep your teeth looking and feeling great. 

  • Use a gum stimulator. A gum stimulator is a little-known tool that is quick and easy to use. It has a pointed rubbery head which you can slide between your teeth and gums. It can remove a great deal of plaque between your teeth and gums that even brushing might have missed.


  • Use an electric toothbrush. An electric toothbrush can provide a more effective clean and reduce the risk of gum wear. Dr. Savoie can provide recommendations on electric toothbrush brands and the best way to use one.


  • Maintain a good diet. A poor diet can cause and aggravate gum disease and tooth decay. Avoid overeating sugary, acidic foods, which can wear tooth enamel and cause cavities. Try not to drink too much fruit juice or soda. Avoid smoking and tobacco use. Tobacco can stain your teeth and is bad for oral and overall health.


Dr. Lance Savoie Family Dental in Abbeville, LA

Contact us today to set up an appointment. We’ll provide unmatched professionalism, state-of-the-art technology, and comfort-maximizing techniques. We’ll go over some ways you can build upon your great dental hygiene habits. We’ll help keep your teeth in top-notch, quality care.